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Solutions for Commercial and Self-insured Employer Groups

We are dedicated to helping you keep your workforce healthy. Our MedWise AdvisorProgram helps employees optimize their medication regimens for better outcomes, including reduced presenteeism and absenteeism.

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MedWise Advisor Program

We can help you improve your employees’ health and well-being while also reducing the total cost of care for your plan. Key benefits of this program include:

  • Improved medication adherence to the most optimal regimen
  • Streamlined opioid management
  • Medication reconciliation, including post-discharge
  • Formulary alignment

Cerner leverages MedWise® Science to predict high-cost care

In a pilot program, Cerner pharmacists utilized our risk stratification and scoring to predict medication-related instances of high-cost care, such as emergency room visits and hospitalizations.

Take charge of your health
How learning her risk score changed a patient’s regimen for the better

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Develop in-house certified MedWise Advisor pharmacists

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MedWise Science works for your employees

  • Improve productivity and satisfaction
  • Prevent adverse drug events (ADEs)

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