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The Patient Experience

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As a member of your health plan, you may be eligible to participate in this Medication Therapy Management (MTM) program. But, what can you expect from this service?


Under your health plan, you have the ability to participate in this free service, which proactively monitors all of your medication and health conditions to aid you and your doctors in your treatment and improvement in your overall health. Think of our MedWiseRx™ clinical contact centers as another member of your healthcare team!


After qualifying for the MTM program, you will receive a letter from our team and your health plan welcoming you to the program and offering you the opportunity to take part in a personalized consultation with one of our MTM experts. This consultation is often called a Comprehensive Medication Review.


You may receive phone calls from our MTM pharmacy experts, on behalf of your health plan, to engage you in the service and discuss specific areas of your treatment we have found that can be improved to better manage your health.


MedWiseRx clinical contact centers may contact your doctors to discuss your drug therapies and ways in which they can be improved to help you in your treatment.


You will have comfort in knowing that our team of highly trained clinical experts will monitor all of the medications that you take to treat your health conditions to ensure that everything is safe, effective, and being taken correctly.

If you have any questions about your personal experience or wish to speak with our clinical pharmacy team, please contact us today at 1-844-866-3730.

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