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MedWise® Science for Better Outcomes

MedWise Science is the heart of our medication optimization offerings. This software identifies potential multi-drug interactions in aggregate to help manage polypharmacy patients and reduce trial-and-error prescribing.

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MedWise Matrix

The MedWise Matrix applies MedWise Science to deliver point-of-prescribing medication decision support on key issues like pain management, prevention of adverse drug events (ADEs), and more. Tools powered by MedWise Science are interoperable with industry-leading electronic health records and have been documented to improve outcomes.

MedWise Risk Scorequantifies medication-related risk

The MedWise Risk Score—calculated using MedWise Science—assesses a patient’s risk for ADEs based on a variety of medication safety factors. Higher scores correlate with negative outcomes including hospitalization, emergency room visits, and increased care utilization and expense. The MedWise Risk Score is a valuable tool for risk stratification and for managing patients’ medication-related health risks.

Each 1-point decrease in a MedWise Risk Score represents an average annual savings of $1,000 per member1.

Higher MedWise Risk Scores are associated with increased mortality

In this study, we show how our ADE risk score relates to mortality risk, especially for patients taking multiple medications.

Become a certified MedWise AdvisorTM pharmacist

The certified MedWise Advisor (CMWA) training program empowers community pharmacists and health plan pharmacy staff to perform MedWise Safety Reviews. CMWAs provide medication decision support using MedWise Science to help ensure medication efficacy and adherence to reduce ADEs. The platform is also compatible with most electronic health records (EHRs). Certification is self-paced and accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE).

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Partnership opportunities

We can help you incorporate MedWise Science into your pharmacy practice. See the benefits of our partnership with our customer athenahealth.

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