Spring 2022 Success Stories

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We would like to take a moment to recognize the ongoing medication therapy management needs of the members we serve and the vital support that our pharmacy staff provides. Helping to improve health outcomes and avoiding adverse drug events is critical for wellness. These stories demonstrate how our dedicated staff meets the needs of members to help improve their overall well-being and the effectiveness of their medication regimens.

Thoughtful Guidance

During a Comprehensive Medication Review, James explained to our pharmacist that he had discontinued his medication for Parkinson’s disease.

Our pharmacist explained the importance of medication adherence and the purpose of the medication. The pharmacist noticed James’ slurred speech on the call and was concerned that his Parkinson’s may be getting worse.

James was grateful that our pharmacist caught the issue. Our pharmacist contacted his provider to schedule an appointment to address his medication concerns.

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Achieving Improved Outcomes

Kathy, a member, informed our pharmacist that she stopped taking her blood thinner and was rarely taking her blood pressure medications because she felt that she no longer needed them. ​

Our pharmacist discussed with her the importance of her medications not only for her current health, but also to help prevent future symptoms and complications such as stroke.​

Kathy was grateful to learn this and has started taking her medicines as prescribed. Our pharmacist scheduled a follow-up appointment with her prescriber to discuss any concerns and ensure her medication regimen is optimized.​

Preventing a Harmful Drug Interaction

Through the course of a medication review, Jane mentioned that she had been experiencing mouth sores. Our pharmacist explained that the sores may be caused by her inhaler. The pharmacist explained these can be alleviated and prevented by rinsing her mouth after using the inhaler.

Additionally, Jane had a recent exacerbation of her newly diagnosed heart failure. The pharmacist noticed that Jane’s current blood pressure medication is not highly recommended for patients with heart failure, as it can cause increased swelling.

Jane was grateful for the information and understood how to change her behavior to improve outcomes. Our pharmacist followed up with her provider to discuss medication options for her condition.

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